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Gift vouchers
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at the restaurant La Table des Pères
at the restaurant Le Re-Père
A professional event
An artistic workshop
A wedding
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The Hotel L’EssenCiel is revealed!
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This is it! After several months of work, the last bubble room has just taken place on its "branch", at the top of the structure of the future hotel L’EssenCiel on the Domaine du Château des Pères.

On this occasion, a press conference was organized to present the concept of this atypical structure, imagined by Jean-Paul Legendre and designed by Anthony Rio, of the Unity architecture agency. A true illustration of the daring and innovative spirit of the Domaine, this concept of a hotel in the shape of a tree bearing a hanging bubble on each of its branches, is unique in France.

After many months of work, the 36 cocoon rooms are now in place. When it opens, scheduled for spring 2022, L’EssenCiel will have 42 rooms of 26m² with luxurious amenities and will have a Spa with swimming pool, balneotherapy, sauna and hammam. For dining, hotel guests can enjoy the cuisine of the Domaine's three restaurants, which offer different worlds.

This step marks the start of a new phase dedicated to interior and exterior design. Interior architects, planners, lighting engineers and landscapers will now follow one another to bring the heart of the "tree" to life. See you this fall for reservations!

Hotel-Spa 42 rooms, opening H1 2022
Agency of Architecture Unit
interior design href="[0]=AZV5z4cPUXKeANcBkFUrFX_cps3szMUx3ywOVsbN0g47o1sy7cVEanJHddaSTq7gZWwwvFFeC4_zTNtzpjAdHBj7X3GhfdHOagQ4PPV8As8I15Anm7DkcUgIq7HJIIUGB0Aa0L4ygkK5XJdzoSXACDsb&__tn__=kK-R" Wunder architects
Master href="[0]=AZV5z4cPUXKeANcBkFUrFX_cps3szMUx3ywOVsbN0g47o1sy7cVEanJHddaSTq7gZWwwvFFeC4_zTNtzpjAdHBj7X3GhfdHOagQ4PPV8As8I15Anm7DkcUgIq7HJIIUGB0Aa0L4ygkK5XJdzoSXACDsb&__tn__=kK-R" Legendre Group work , Suitcase Hospitality
Craftelement Outlook

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The 09-06-2021
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Thematic workshop around the Pottery mask at the Château des Pères
The 09-06-2021
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On Saturday July 10, artist Paul JAVAUDIN invites you to discover the sculpture and modeling of the earth based on a theme: The Mask

During this day you will be able to understand the work of the earth through the realization of a mascaron or terracotta mask.

Paul offers you, in one day, to make a clay face intended to be placed against a wall. You can customize it according to your inspiration of the moment. This work will offer you the possibility of all fantasies, decorative, expressive originalities…

Using traditional sculpting techniques will allow you to achieve an anatomically correct head shape.

The possibility of using various molds in bump and / or in hollow will allow you if you prefer to work with the plate by stamping and to obtain hollow forms which can be pushed back from the inside to work the relief otherwise .

This internship is open to all your creative ideas, which is why you can also come with your project.

Come with family or friends, this will be an opportunity to share a joyful, zany, sober moment, depending on your creativity and the mood of the moment!

You can come and collect your pieces after drying and firing.

Reservations on or on
Hours: From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Price: 100 € per person (adults and adolescents from 10 years old)
Accessible to visually impaired and blind people

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The 01-06-2021
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4 new catering areas in development at the Château des Pères!
The 01-06-2021
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As the Domaine prepares to open a 4 * Hotel-Spa, the catering offer at the Château des Pères is being organized and evolving to support the development of the site.

Opening of the "Le Re-Père" café-restaurant in autumn 2021, relocation of the Table des Pères near the hotel to a brand new structure, and opening of the "Les Kompères" restaurant in April 2022…. things are happening at the Château des Pères…! Projects are now progressing everywhere, with the faithful intervention of teams from Legendre Construction, a Vitré agency.

… .By 2022, the Domaine's customers will now have the opportunity to eat on site every day, with a diversified offer:

La Table des Pères: which remains the standard for the restoration of the Domaine, with a top-of-the-range proposal. Currently installed in the historic building, La Table des Pères will join, from April 2022, a new structure under construction in the immediate vicinity of the future hotel.

Its panoramic view of the garden will allow customers to immerse themselves in the world of Chef Jérôme Jouadé, whose inspiration comes directly from the vegetable garden. Customers of the Table des Pères will be able to enjoy this avant-garde gastronomy from Thursday evening to Sunday noon.

THE RE-FATHER , which will open its doors in September 2021!

The Café-Restaurant le Re-Père was born from a desire for unification and conviviality claimed by Julien Legendre, the Director of the site, but also from the desire to perpetuate the pleasure of the table in a world other than that from La Table des Pères. Installed in the former pigsty of the Domaine, (former wedding hall for those who know the place!) Surrounded by beams and old stones, the Re-Père was imagined as a friendly place, suitable for large friendly and family tables, where everyone eats at their own pace thanks to a buffet filled with dishes inspired by the cuisine of our grandmothers and a rotisserie topped with the finest racy meats from surrounding farmers.

Open every weekend, for lunch, dinner, brunch or a coffee after a long stroll, the Re-Père invites you to rediscover the taste of our childhood, the flavors of the forgotten countryside, in all simplicity.


This new place, which will come to life at the same time as the hotel and the "new" Table des Pères, will be located in the heart of the Château.

Claire and Oliver, present since the very beginning of the Domaine's culinary adventure, will be at the helm of this new restaurant. These two lovers of ... cooking want to offer a table close to their guests, with warm, intimate service. They will offer up-to-date cuisine, made with fresh, quality products that will compose a slate punctuated by the seasons and their desires.

The Les Komperes restaurant will be open from Monday to Friday, noon and evening, to complete a stroll in the Sculpture Park or just for the pleasure of sitting down in the historic heart of the estate.

Opening: April 2022 _ capacity 40 seats


Family meals, private events and business seminars are hosted in the Château's lounges, which are totally privatized. As they do today, they will benefit from dedicated menus, adapted to any type of event, with different formulas made from fresh and seasonal products as in the other restaurants of the Domaine

To find out more about these projects, do not hesitate to consult the press release on our website

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La Table des Perchés returns to the Château des Pères!
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We are pleased to be able to announce the reopening of the Table des Perchés from June 5 at the Château des Pères.

What better way, after long months of confinement, than to meet up with family, friends or colleagues to share an unforgettable moment. This year again, live an extraordinary experience at more than 6 meters high, in a multi-centenary oak tree in our magnificent sculpture park.

This season, we will be able to welcome you on a table of 4, a table of 6 and a table of 2 people to enjoy a cold meal prepared by our restaurant La Table des Pères from Wednesday to Sunday, noon and evening.

New this year, we are offering a Perché Bar, open every Sunday afternoon in July from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

- & gt; Tables Perchés Formula: 50 € per person, including the meal (cold meal consisting of cold meats, cheeses, market products + dessert + drink) and the unusual experience of tree climbing framed by a professional .

- & gt; Aperitif Perché: 25 € per person: including tree climbing assisted by a professional. The aperitif is to be brought by you

- & gt; Bar Perché on Sunday afternoon: 10 € / hour / person: including tree climbing assisted by a professional + the price of your consumption on site

Of course, all sanitary measures will be put in place for the occasion. La Table des Perchés is accessible to people with reduced mobility but not recommended for pregnant women.

Book your buissonnier menu for the Table des Perchés now by email at - At least 24 hours in advance

To reserve a Table des Perchés gift voucher and discover all our other formulas, it's here: https: // chateaudesperes /

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The 06-05-2021
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Enjoy a picnic in the park of the Château des Pères
The 06-05-2021
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Back this year, take advantage of the Picnic package from Saturday May 22 at the Château des Pères until Sunday August 29!

After this difficult period, take a moment to meet outdoors, with family or friends around a delicious picnic prepared by our restaurant La Tables des Pères. Of course, all sanitary measures will be put in place for the occasion.

- & gt; Picnic Formula: 28 € per adult, 18 € per child, Saturday and Sunday, noon only

On the menu: Salad, seafood, cold cuts, homemade terrine, cheeses, fruit salad, farmhouse white cheese + Drink included

Picnic tables are set up throughout the sculpture park to comfortably enjoy your meal and to take advantage of the exceptional setting of the Château.

Book your picnic now by email at or at - At least 24 hours in advance

In case of bad weather, you can take your picnic to take away.

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The 30-04-2021
[CORRIDOR NOISE….] The adventure of Claire and Olivier
The 30-04-2021
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Meeting with Claire and Olivier, our cook couple, who starts a new adventure….

Discover their video announcement and the answers to our questions a little further down

When and how did you get to the kitchens of the Château des Pères?

Olivier: I arrived in 2015, through an acquaintance common to Jérôme (Jérôme Jouadé, Chef at La Table des Pères who opened the restaurant) and me. I did not know the place or the village where the Castle was at all. Before coming for the first time I really thought it was completely lost! And then I discovered the Château, I met Jérôme and I never left! Jérôme was on his own, he had just arrived to create the restaurant, everything had to be done, there were many projects, that motivated me!

Claire: We were friends with Olivier. As soon as he entered the Château, he told me about it all the time! Everything he said about it was what I was looking for. It looked so good! And at that time I saw Jérôme on TV (on TF1), I saw his approach to cooking, his values, his state of mind. There I said "I want to go!" I met Jérôme who was looking to expand the team. I felt there was a lot of respect, I immediately had a good feeling. I started with extras in 2016 and haven't left them!

You spend a lot of time working as a team, what do you like most about this part of the job?

Olivier: The crazy laughs! There are 5 of us in the kitchen, it's like a small family. We laugh, we get angry, we support each other, it's family life! Above all, with lots of laughs!

Claire: Teamwork is not something that is naturally easy for me but I learned over time and today the moments that I appreciate the most are when we create a dish . In creation we are all at the same level. Everyone is free to share their ideas, whether they seem crazy to some or great to others. Jérôme values everyone's competence, but he is especially interested in this madness that drives us!

Today, as Olivier says, we are a real family. You don't feel like you're going to work but living a passion with people you love. This is the first company I know of where people are the driving force. We meet the challenges together, we form a whole. Jerome often tells us that “there is a little of us in him and we all have a little of him in us. "It's a real osmosis!

What is the strongest common memory that you have lived at the Château des Pères?

Olivier: I think we will remember this period when there were only 3 of us, when we had to run everywhere, we didn't have time to talk to each other. In just one look, we understood each other!

Claire: yes that's true and today the highlights are also the moments of decompression, the simplest moments when we meet, the team meals on Sunday noon, for example.

We also lived a very difficult period with the tragic death of Jean, our Room Manager in 2017. This ordeal shook us all and at the same time made us even more united, it brought us together… it's without doubt the most painful memory but also the strongest….

You are both partners in private and professional life. An asset or a constraint?

Claire: Our relationship seemed like a no-brainer to everyone, even before we knew it ourselves (laughs). Today, we live together, we work together, we don't see each other living differently. We are completely different on many things, we complement each other!

Olivier: We are complementary in both private and professional life. We don't always have the same vision of things, we have 2 somewhat extreme characters that come together and that creates a balance, sometimes a little crazy, sometimes a little funny!

Claire: In any case, all of our projects, we imagine them together, it's obvious!

A noise from the hallway tells us that you are leaving the estate… Can you tell us more?

Claire: We're not really leaving him ... We're going to say "let's go"! (laughs)

We took time off to travel, discover France and Europe for a year. We already had this dream individually, which got even stronger as a couple!

Why now? it's a whole ... Finally it's now or never, both in our personal and professional life.

What do you expect from this trip, personally and professionally?

Olivier: I aspire to change my lifestyle, of consumption to get closer to Nature. This trip is like a starting point.

It will also allow us to discover lots of new culinary cultures, to meet producers, to harvest, to get in touch with people, their profession, their passions, and come back to the Château with lots of experiences to share, lots of ideas to develop!

Claire: For my part, I expect this trip to help me let go.

I am not an adventurer at heart, I like everything to be planned, organized, anticipated, without surprises. I've been conditioned like that but I find it robs me of a lot of things. Life too programmed is much less fun!

I have already done a lot of work on myself in preparing for the trip. Olivier is also helping me a lot in this regard. It will then allow me to let myself be carried to unexpected places, and especially to let myself be surprised. This is what will nourish us every day!

This trip will also give me what I have been looking for for a long time: to discover things for myself, without worrying about the expectations of those around us.

This will be our moment, we need to take this time to discover ourselves in another environment, cut off from everything.

So you are coming back to us in a few months, what will be your goals and your desires?

Yes, we're back, and for a brand new project!

We both dreamed of being the head of our own establishment.

Today we are offered an alternative that will allow us to fully develop ourselves while staying at the Château, this place we love, this place we want to be! What we want more than anything is to be an actor in a project, to be able to evolve in a spirit of sharing, and to contribute in our own way to the evolution of the Estate.

This trip will change us. We will come back, we will be rich in many experiences that we will want to share, in our environment, in our kitchen, with people ...

You prepare to leave for a year away from it all. Do you have any concerns about your return?

Claire: We are not really afraid because we know what awaits us when we return, and in fact we can not wait !! Today we are impatient with our trip but we also know that we will be motivated by the idea of coming back to set up this new project at the Château.

Olivier: In any case, we remain very optimistic, we are confident for the future!

If you were a little mouse, what would you choose to observe here while you were away?

Claire: What we will miss, and what we would like to follow closely are the next recruitments, and the building of the team of tomorrow. We will arrive, everything will already be done, the surprise will be total!

Until now the recruitments were done together, we were all involved in the arrival of the new ones. We just hope that the bonds established will continue to be strong in the team.

Olivier: By leaving for a year, we miss a lot of things. We would like to be a little mouse in the end to also see what everyone does, everyday life. Because when we come back, we will have to make up for it all: create a link with those who will have arrived during our absence and take ownership of the new spaces under construction.

Claire: The Château is part of our life. It's a place where there are only plans, only life. There's going to be a lot going on for a year, that's for sure. We especially hope that everyone can be as happy as we are!


- & gt; Follow their adventure on Instagram!


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The 01-29-2021
A sweet Valentine's Day!
The 01-29-2021
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In this somewhat particular context this year, the Château des Pères offers you a "At home" formula to celebrate the feast of lovers! This year you will have to put on the chef's hat and prepare your own meal to wow your sweetheart!

You will be able to enjoy a 4-course gourmet menu at home by following the Chef's advice! No risk of missing out, this year it's you who will amaze him!

Your Valentine's Day box includes:

The menu, all the ready-to-cook preparations, detailed explanations and the chef's secrets, and as a bonus a little game for all lovers!


4-course menu + bottle of red wine * : € 47 per person

* according to the sommelier's recommendations

Offer in limited quantity , by reservation only by phone at or on our gift box shop:

Menus to be picked up on site Saturday February 13 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. after making your payment. Pick up time slot to book by phone

Orders will be refunded if changes in government measures do not allow click and collect withdrawal.

Detail of the Valentine's Day Menu

Carpaccio of Saint Jacques, Lemon confit from Perrine and Etienne, creamy avocado and puffed tapioca chips


Beautiful fish from the peach, risotto in shellfish broth, stripped of preserved long turnip and smoked sweet pepper cream


Veal tournedos, Breton pointed cabbage in semi-salted butter, garden squash and reduced juice with roasted aromas


Preserved Citrus from Bâchés and Valrhona chocolate in varying texture.

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The 05-02-2021
The 05-02-2021
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Last Wednesday, 6 rooms were installed in the future hotel-tree of the Château des Pères

For several months now, the rooms have been on the ground and are gradually taking shape. Now all equipped with their aluminum cover, they are ready to be placed on the concrete walkways of the structure.

Last Wednesday, with the help of a remote nacelle, the 42-meter-high crane, which overhangs the hotel's shaft, allowed the installation of the first 6 bubble chambers.

The very delicate intervention took 6 hours and went smoothly, thanks to the expertise and know-how of the Construction teams of the Legendre Group who have been preparing this operation for several months.

The next 30 will be installed gradually, as the footbridges are laid and the interior rooms move forward. They should all be installed within 5 to 6 months.

This beautiful step took place under the watchful eye of the TF1 Group, which does us the honor of monitoring the site.

Download the press release relating to this step here.

Discover a video preview of this important phase for this project: com / watch? v = 2T1ZpvS0a8U

Hotel-Spa 42 rooms, opening early 2022
Agence d'Architecture Unit < / a>
Client: Groupe Legendre
Interior design: Wunder architectes

Photos Drone @views factory

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