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Galerie-Store - Francis GUERRIER exhibition
October 2023

Galerie-Store - Francis GUERRIER exhibition

Come and discover a new exhibition of sculptures in the Gallery-Store of the Domaine du Château des Pères.

After Annick Leroy, it is now the turn of the artist Francis Guerrier to exhibit in the Domaine gallery. Enjoy this exhibition every day, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., until January 28, 2024.

 The artist Francis Guerrier has already been known on the Domaine du Château des Pères for several years. Indeed, one of his works “Plume d’Ange” is positioned behind the Orangery, near La Table des Perchés. With this new exhibition, he gives us the opportunity today to discover his work through smaller pieces.

Katy Criton, Artistic Director of the Estate, presents her work as follows:

I discovered the work of Francis Guerrier with “Le Commencement” a 2013 sculpture in steel, measuring more than 3M in height which is part of the artist's work on the quest for original forms.

A lot of strength and monumentality emerged from this “crescent moon” at the same time as mobility and a certain fragility. Placed on springs, it oscillated with the wind. I felt a lot of poetry in this work.

"Lunar dance, crazy wave, star's tear, angel's feather", so many names of works which evoke the sculptor's career. Born in 1964 into a family of artists, Francis has always evolved in a creative environment: on theater stages (scenography), as an apprentice actor (Cours Florent) under the starry skies of Syria (highlighted installation) in the music (Homage to Claude Nougaro) then in his workshop in the south where he unrolls the steel like a ribbon and creates volutes and arabesques. His works seem to float in space and draw perspectives in the landscape.

There is a lot of strength and monumentality in his creation, but also a fragility and mobility like Calder's sculptures.

I invite you to discover his work during the exhibition at the Gallery-Store of the Domaine du Château des Pères and to let yourself be carried away by the sensuality and freedom that result from it.

[Rumour has it….] Claire and Olivier's adventure
30 April 2021

[Rumour has it….] Claire and Olivier's adventure

A conversation with Claire and Olivier, our chef couple who are heading out on a new adventure...

Watch their video announcement and read their responses to our questions below.

When and how did you come to the Château des Pères kitchens?

Olivier: I came in 2015 through a connection with someone both Jérôme [Jérôme Jouadé, chef who opened La Table des Pères restaurant] and I know. I didn't know anything about the estate or the village where it was located. Before coming here for the first time, I really thought it was in the middle of nowhere. And then I discovered the Chateau and met Jérôme and I've never left. Jérôme was all by himself. He had just arrived to set up the restaurant. Everything still had to be done and there were lots of projects, which kept me motivated.

Claire: I was friends with Olivier and as soon as he started working at the Chateau, he talked about it all the time. Everything he told me fit with what I was looking for. It sounded so good to me! And then I saw Jérôme on TV (on TF1) and the way he approached cooking, his values and his mindset. That's when I said, "I want to go there". I met Jérôme who was looking to expand the team. I sensed there was a lot of respect. I got a good feeling right away. I started working on the side in 2016 and I've been here ever since.

You spend a lot of time working as a team. What do you enjoy most about this part of your job?

Olivier: The crazy laughter! There are five of us in the kitchen. We laugh, get angry and support each other, just like a little family. There's lots of joking!

Claire: Working as a team isn't something that comes naturally to me, but I've learned how over time and now the moments I enjoy most are when we're creating a dish. It's a time when we're all on the same level. Each person is free to share their ideas, whether they seem crazy to some people or great to others. Jérôme values each person's skills, but he's most interested in the madness that drives us all!

Like Olivier said, we're a true family now. Rather than feeling like we're going to work, it feels like living out our passion with people we love. It's the first company I've worked at where people are the driving force. We tackle all of the challenges together, as one. Jérôme often says there's a bit of us in him and we all have a bit of him in us. It happens by osmosis!

What is the strongest memory you have made together at Château des Pères?

Olivier: I think we'll always carry the memory of the time when there were just three of us. We had to run everywhere. We didn't even have time to talk. We just understood each other with one look.

Claire: Yes, that's true. Now, some of the most memorable times are the moments when we relax, the simple moments when we're together, like at meals with the team for Sunday lunch.

We went through a really tough time after our front of house manager Jean tragically died in 2017. This really rattled us all and also brought us closer at the same time. It's definitely the most painful memory, but also the most vivid.

You are partners in your private and professional lives. Is that a benefit or a barrier?

Claire: Everyone figured we would get together, even before we realised it ourselves. [laughter] Now we live together and we work together. We can't imagine doing life any other way. We are so different in many ways. We complete each other.

Olivier: We complement each other in both our private and professional lives. We don't always see things in the same way. We're two people on opposite ends of the spectrum who've come together and this creates a balance that's sometimes a little crazy and sometimes a little funny.

Claire: In any case, we make all our plans together, no question about it.

Rumour has it that you're leaving the estate. Can you tell us more?

Claire: We're not really leaving. We'll just be gone for a bit. [laughter]

We took a leave to travel and explore France and Europe for a year. We had already separately dreamed of doing this and now that we're a couple, the desire is even stronger.

Why now? It's a whole…well, it's now or never, for both our personal and professional lives.

What do you want to get out of this trip personally and professionally?

Olivier: I want to change my lifestyle and consumption habits so I can connect more with Nature. This trip is a starting point for that.

It's also going to help us explore many new culinary cultures, meet farmers, harvest grapes, and connect with people and learn about their work and their passions. We'll come back to the Chateau full of experiences to share and ideas to try out.

Claire: For me, I want this trip to help me let go.

I'm not very adventurous deep down. I like everything to be planned, organised and anticipated, with no surprises. I was conditioned to be like that but I realise that it causes me to miss out on lots of things. A life that's over-planned is much less enjoyable.

I've already worked on myself a lot in preparation for the trip. Olivier also helps me quite a bit on this. That will help me check out unscheduled places and be open to surprises, most importantly. This will be our mindset every day.

This trip will also give me something I've been wanting to do for quite a while: explore things myself without worrying about the expectations of those around us.

This will be our time. We need to take this time to find out who we are in a different environment away from everyone else.

So when you get back in a few months, what will be your objectives and aspirations?

We'll be back ready to start on our new project!

We've both dreamed about running our own place.

Now we've been offered an alternative that will enable us to thrive while staying at the Chateau, a place we love and somewhere we want to be. What we want most is to lead a project, to be able to grow with a sharing mindset, and to do our part to contribute to the estate's growth.

This trip will change us. We'll come back full of new experiences that we will want to share in our environment, our kitchen and with people around us.

You are preparing to leave for a year and go far away from everything. Are you worried about anything for your return?

Claire: We don't really have any worries because we know what's awaiting us when we get back. We can't wait, to be honest. Now we're impatient to head out on our trip but we know we'll be motivated by the idea of coming back and setting up this new project at the Chateau.

Olivier: We're very optimistic and confident for the future!

If you could be a fly on the wall, what would you choose to observe here while you're away?

Claire: We're going to miss participating in the next hiring rounds and building the future team, so we would keep a close eye on that. We're going to get back and everything will be done. It'll be a complete surprise!

Until now, we've always done hiring together. We were all involved with the arrival of new people. We just hope that the connections built will be as strong within the team.

Olivier: We're going to miss lots of things by leaving for a year. We'd like to see what everyone's doing, just everyday life. Because when we get back, we're going to have to catch up on everything: building connections with those who arrive while we're gone and getting used to the new spaces that are being built.

Claire: The Chateau is part of our life. It's a place where there are projects, where there's life. So many things will happen in a year, for sure. We hope that everyone will be as happy there as we are!


–> Follow their adventure on Instagram!


Reopening La Table des Perchés
11 May 2021

Reopening La Table des Perchés

Link title

We are pleased to announce that La Table des Perchés will reopen at Château des Pères starting on 5 June.  

After long months of confinement, there is nothing better than meeting up with family, friends or colleagues to share an unforgettable experience. We invite you to partake in a dining experience more than 6 meters up in an oak tree that has overlooked our magnificent sculpture park for hundreds of years. 

This season, we have a table for 2, a table for 4 and a table for 6 where you will enjoy a cold meal prepared by our La Table des Pères restaurant, available Wednesdays through Sundays at midday and in the evening. 

New this year, we are offering a tree-top bar, open every Sunday afternoon in July from 2.30pm to 6.30pm. 

-> Tree-top dining menu: €50 per person, including the meal (cold meal consisting of charcuterie, cheeses, market products + dessert + drink) and the unusual experience of tree climbing with guidance from a professional 

-> Tree-top aperitif: €25 per person, including tree climbing assisted by a professional (You provide the drinks and snacks)

-> Tree-top bar on Sunday afternoons: €10/person/hour, including tree climbing assisted by a professional + the price of items consumed at the bar 

Of course, we will have all health and safety measures in place for these events. Tree-top dining is accessible for people with reduced mobility but it is not recommended for pregnant women. 

Book your unconventional table at La Table des Perchés now by email at or on +33 (0)2 23 08 00 08. Must reserve at least 24 hours in advance.

Purchase a La Table des Perchés dining gift voucher and explore all our other gift options. 

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Creating a sweet Valentine's Day at home
29 January 2021

Creating a sweet Valentine's Day at home

This year is a bit different, so Château des Pères is offering an at-home menu to celebrate Valentine's Day. All you have to do is slip on your apron and prepare a meal to surprise your sweetheart.

Just follow the Chef's advice to create a gourmet four-course meal in your own home. No chance of botching things! It will be easy to delight your lover.

Your Valentine's Day package includes:

The menu, all of the ready-to-cook ingredients, detailed explanations and tips from the chef, and a special game for lovers as a bonus.


4-course menu + bottle of red wine*: €47 per person 

* based on the sommelier's recommendations 

Limited quantities available. By reservation only on +33 (0)2 23 08 40 80 or from our gift voucher shop 

Pick up your package onsite on Saturday 13 February from 10am to 12pm or from 2pm to 5pm after payment. Book your pickup time slot by phone.

Orders will be refunded if changes in government measures do not allow click and collect pickups. 

Valentine's Day Menu Details

Saint Jacques Scallop Carpaccio, Perrine et Etienne lemon confit, creamy avocado and puffed tapioca chips 


Freshly caught fish, shellfish broth risotto, shredded pickled parsnips and smoked sweet pepper cream 


Veal tournedos, Breton sweetheart cabbage in slightly salted butter, garden squash in reduction sauce with roasted flavours


Preserved Citrus from Bâchés and various types of Valrhona chocolate

Developing four new Château des Pères dining options
1 June 2021

Developing four new Château des Pères dining options

As Château des Pères prepares to open our 4-star hotel and spa, we are also restructuring our dining options to keep pace with the estate's growth.

There are lots of things happening at Château des Pères right now: we are opening Le Re-Père cafe/restaurant in Autumn 2021, moving La Table des Pères into a new facility close to the hotel and opening Les Kompères restaurant in April 2022! We're making progress on all our projects thanks to the excellent work of teams from Legendre Construction and the Vitré agency.

By 2022, visitors to the estate will be able to choose from a variety of options for dining onsite every day:

La Table des Pères restaurant, the estate's flagship, offers gourmet cuisine. It is currently located in the historic building, but will be moved in April 2022 to a new facility currently being built right next to the new hotel.

The restaurant's panoramic garden view will immerse customers in the world of Chef Jérôme Jouadé who draws his inspiration directly from the market garden. La Table des Pères guests will be able to savour this avant-garde cuisine Thursday evenings through Sunday middays.

Le Re-Père cafe/restaurant, which opened in September 2021.

Le Re-Père was created to offer guests a welcoming place to gather, something that is important to the estate's director Julien Legendre. It also fulfils his desire to extend the pleasure of dining in a different atmosphere than La Table des Pères. Le Re-Père is located in the estate's former pig pen (which used to be the location for weddings). It is filled with beams and old rocks, creating an inviting space for big gatherings of friends or families. Each person can eat at their own pace with selections from the buffet featuring dishes inspired by the food our grandmothers cooked, as well as a rotisserie featuring the finest pedigree meats from local farmers.

Le Re-Père is open every weekend for brunch, lunch and dinner or a cup of coffee after a long walk. It will take you back to your childhood with unpretentious forgotten flavours from the region.

Les Kompères is a new restaurant located within the Chateau that will open at the same time as the relocated La Table des Pères.

Claire and Oliver have been with the estate since we first began our culinary adventures and they will take the helm at this new restaurant. These two lovers (of good food) want to give the restaurant a warm, welcoming vibe that connects with guests. They will offer cooked-to-order dishes made with fresh, high-quality products to create set menus guided by the seasons and their current inclinations.

Les Kompères will be open Monday through Friday at midday and evening. Stop by after a walk in the Sculpture Park or just to enjoy dining within the estate's historic building.

Opening in April 2022 with space for 40 guests.

The Chateau's rooms can be privatised to host family meals, private events and company meetings. Dedicated menus will be created that fit all types of events with various menus featuring local, seasonal products like at the other restaurants on the estate.

Read our press release to learn more about these projects.

Enjoying a picnic in the park at Château des Pères
6 May 2021

Enjoying a picnic in the park at Château des Pères

This year, we are bringing back our Picnic package at the Château des Pères from Saturday 22 May until Sunday 29 August!

After a difficult spring, take time to gather outdoors with family or friends over a delicious picnic prepared by our La Tables des Pères restaurant. Of course, all hygiene and safety measures will be in place for this event. 

 -> Picnic menu: €28 per adult, €18 per child, Saturday and Sunday, midday only 

On the menu: Salad, seafood, charcuterie, homemade terrine, cheeses, fruit salad, farm-fresh fromage blanc + Beverage included 

We set up picnic tables throughout the sculpture park where you can comfortably enjoy your meal and take advantage of the Château's exceptional setting. 

Book your picnic now by email at or on +33 (0)2 23 08 00 08. Reserve at least 24 hours in advance.

If the weather is bad, your picnic will be available for takeaway.

Introducing a pottery mask workshop
09 June 2021

Introducing a pottery mask workshop

Artist Paul Javaudin invites you to join him on Saturday 10 July to explore sculpting and clay modeling focused on the theme of masks.  

During this session, you will learn how to work with clay by creating a terra cotta mascaron or mask.

Paul invites you to spend a day making a clay face that can be placed against a wall. You can customise it to fit your current inspirations. Express your decorative fantasies and original ideas with this work.

You will use traditional modelling techniques to create an anatomically correct head shape.

You can also use various extruded and/or hollow moulds if you would rather stamp the clay to create a hollow shape that can be manipulated from the inside if you want to work on the project in a different way.

This workshop is open to all your creative ideas, so feel free to bring your own project to work on.

Come as a family or with friends to enjoy a fun or serious moment based on your current mood and creativity level.

You can pick up your pieces after they have been dried and fired.

Reserve your spot on +33 (0)2 23 08 40 80 or at
Hours: From 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm
Price: €100 per person (adults and teens age 10 and older)
Accessible to visually impaired and blind people